Singer to Designer

Posted in Blog on Dec 19, 2016

You know those types of people who have known what they want to study since they were born and have been working towards that goal ever since?

I wasn’t one of those people. I was friends with them, but I wasn’t them.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do at birth and nothing had changed by the time I finished school. When all my friends were applying for university I was waiting in line to audition for The Voice South Africa. Basically, I was the friend who had an unspoken arrangement with the others that when they had their degrees I would go live on their couch until their significant other, or mother, kicked me out.

It wasn’t that I had no vision. Quite the opposite. My vision was spread too thinly between film making, writing poetry and lyrics, and wanting to be a famous singer; all of that being tossed out the window at the thought of having to financially support myself.

Now to think of something practical. I.T? Journalism? Media? Though considerably shorter, the list of practical careers that I would enjoy was still a fearsome mountain.

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Karl Wernick

However, with several words from a guy from I knew and an exclamation from my boss that they were hiring, my mountain was obliterated and I was left with a simple career that summed up everything I loved and everything that seemed more practical than trying to become a famous singer/songwriter. I quickly applied for Multimedia Design at a private college and have drawn up my path to hopefully getting my MBA in Multimedia Management.

Of all of my friends, those who had known what they would study included, I am the only one currently studying and the only one who has a drawn up list of where they will be in the next 5 years. My first year of college is over and my confusion has changed to determination. I have been given a chance with an internship at Flicker, and now have something to strive for and a team to push me.