• Do you have a great idea for an app?

    Posted in Blog on Dec 20, 2016

    So you have an idea for an app that is going to change the world, transform the way we do... (the thing your app does) and generate annuity income for you and your great grand children in perpetuity. This is seriously worth celebrating!

  • Singer to Designer

    Posted in Blog on Dec 19, 2016

    You know those types of people who have known what they want to study since they were born and have been working towards that goal ever since? I wasn’t one of those people.

  • The magic part is that because the SVG is made up entirely of text in and HTML format we can ad ID's and Classes to the different elements, take a look at our code, we were able to assign the ID "word" and "flame" to their respective groups.

  • It is worth getting email right

    It is worth getting email right

    Posted in Blog on Feb 05, 2016

    At Flicker we love unimpeachable ideas that sell. It, thus, makes sense for us to love a digital marketing tool that: Delivers, well, unimpeachable ideas, Allows for exceptional creative, Allows for personalised client communications, Can be accurately measured, Is highly cost effective, and Directly improves sales. For these reasons, and a few more, we love email!

  • Unimpeachable ideas that sell

    Unimpeachable Ideas That Sell

    Posted in Blog on Jan 27, 2016

    Who knows what Unimpeachable is? Lets start there. Have you ever been let down? How about been cheated out of something? Discriminated against? What about lied to?... And I could go on, but I think you get the point.

  • 6 tips for designing a Google display ad

    With the popularity of the internet and increased use of Google, online advertising has become a very popular communication tool. Whether it be, advertising your brand, promoting your product or generating leads, display advertising is a cheap effective way to grab your viewer’s attention.